ID Title Authors
23 Vision-Based Facial and Eye Gaze Tracking System Kang Ryoung Park
28 Mining Hierarchical Temporal Patterns in Multivariate Time Series Fabian Mörchen, Alfred Ultsch
31 Default reasoning over domains and concept hierarchies Pascal Hitzler
37 Designing and Simulating Individual Teleo-Reactive Agents krysia broda, Christopher John Hogger
38 Generation of Sentence Parse Trees Using Parts of Speech Tunga Gungor
40 Learning from Interaction with the Environment Elmar Ahle, Dirk Söffker
41 Planning in Concurrent Multiagent Systems with the Assembly Model Checker StEAM Tilman Mehler, Stefan Edelkamp
42 A fuzzy data envelopment analysis model based on dual program Hsuan-Shih Lee
44 A New Method for Asynchronous Multisensor Information Fusion Kejun Zhang
46 IADIDF: A Framework for Intrusion Detection Ye Du
49 Optimization of Complex Systems by Processes of Self-modeling Stoica, Christina, Kluever, Juergen, Schmidt, Joern
50 Specifying abnormal Action Qualifications with Sensing in FLUX Yves Martin
51 Using Behavioral Knowledge for Situated Prediction of Movements Michael Arens, Artur Ottlik, Hans-Hellmut Nagel
56 Towards building Agent-Based Emergency Medical Services Systems basmah El Haddad
58 Combining Recurrent Neural Networks and Support Vector Machines for Structural Pattern Recognition Brijnesh J. Jain, Peter Geibel, Fritz Wysotzki
60 Integration of Manual and Automatic Text Categorization Sun, Qin, Schommer, Christoph, Lang, Alexander
61 Improving Fault Localization of Programs by Using Labeled Dependencies Rong Chen, Daniel Koeb, Franz Wotawa
62 Motion and Episode Models for the Intelligent Interpretation of (Simulated) Football Games Mchael Beetz, Thomas Stammeier, Sven Flossmann
63 Object-oriented Model-based Extensions of Robot Control Languages Armin Mueller, Alexandra Kirsch, Michael Beetz
65 Meta Reasoning in Multiple-Strategy Proof Planning Andreas Meier, Erica Melis
66 Genre Classification of Web Pages Sven Meyer zu Eissen, Benno Stein
67 Hidden Markov Model in High Dimensional Space at Vehicle Trajectory Recognition hadi sadoghi yazdi, mojtaba lotfizad, mahmood fathy
72 Distributed Security Agent Modeling in the Policy-based Networking Hee Suk Seo, Tae Ho Cho
73 Nonlinear System Identification Using Adaptive Network Based Fuzzy Inference System (ANFIS) Based on Emotional Learning Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo
84 Improvement of Low Frequency Oscillation Damping in Power Systems via an Adaptive Critic Based Neuro-Fuzzy Controller Farzan Rashidi
86 Improving the Scalability of Rule Base Verification using Binary Decision Diagrams: an Empirical Study Christophe Mues, Jan Vanthienen
89 A New Method to Fit a Linear Regression Model for Interval-Valued Data Francisco de A.T. de Carvalho, Eufrasio de A. Lima Neto, Camilo P. Tenorio
95 Applying Automatic Planning Techniques to Airport Ground-Traffic Study Sebastian Trueg, Joerg Hoffmann, Bernhard Nebel
96 Fault Diagnosis Features Extraction and Rules Acquisition Based on Variable Precision Rough Set Model Qingmin Zhou, Chenbo Yin, Yongsheng Li, Thomas Rathgeber
97 Application of Machine Learning Techniques to the Re-ranking of Search Results Martin Buchholz, Dirk Pflüger, Josiah Poon
100 An Intelligent Agent to Support Collaboration within a Distributed Environment Bogdan-Florin Marin, Axel Hunger, Stefan Werner, Sorin Meila, Christian Schütz
102 Integration of Statistical and Neural Methods to Design Classifiers in Case of Unequal Covariance Matrices Sarunas RAUDYS
103 A Pragmatics-First Approach to the Analysis and Generation of to the Analysis and Generation of Dialogues Bernd Ludwig
104 Acquiring Emotion Knowledge of Anger from WWW Xi Yong, Cungen Cao
105 Generalizing the Relaxed Planning Heuristic to Non-Linear Tasks Stefan Edelkamp
106 Modelling of Tutoring Processes in Intelligent Tutoring Systems Alke Martens, Adelinde M. Uhrmacher
107 Model Based Deduction for Database Schema Reasoning Peter Baumgartner, Ulrich Furbach, Margret Gross-Hardt, Thomas Kleemann
108 On-line Decision-Theoretic Golog for Unpredictable Domains Alexander Ferrein, Christian Fritz, Gerhard Lakemeyer
109 External A* Stefan Edelkamp, Shahid Jabbar, Stefan Schroedl
110 Preference-based Treatment of Empty Result Sets in Product Finders and Knowledge-based Recommenders Dietmar Jannach
111 Politeness and Summarization: To Bias or not to Bias Norton Trevisan Roman, Paul Piwek, Ariadne Maria Brito Rizzoni Carvalho
112 Query Plan Distribution in a Medaitor Environment Jonathan Gelati
113 A Self Organising Map (SOM) Sensor for the Detection, Visualisation and Analysis of Process Drifts Armin Braun, Norbert Link, Michael Peschl, Daniel Sampaio, Dietmar Zettel
114 Relation Variables in Qualitative Spatial Reasoning Sebastian Brand
115 Semiring Artificial Neural Networks and Weighted Automata and an Application to Digital Image Encoding Sebastian Bader, Steffen Hölldobler, Alexandre Scalzitti
117 Shape-Based Robot Mapping Diedrich Wolter, Longin J. Latecki, Rolf Lakämper, Xinyui Sun
119 Kohonen Networks for Self-organizing Performance of Two Queues Markov Chains Dimitar Radev, Svetla Radeva
120 Limited Assignments: A New Cutoff Strategy for Incomplete Depth-First Search Roman Bartak, Hana Rudova
121 A Grid-based Application of Machine Learning to Model Generation Volker Sorge, Simon Colton, Andreas Meier, Roy McCasland
122 Approaches to Case-Base Similarity for Retrieval Savvas Nikolaidis
123 Error-tolerant finite-state lookup for trademark search Andreas Eisele, Tim vor der Brück
124 Automatic Generation of Animation Sequences for Training on a Robot Telemanipulator Jean Roy, Froduald Kabanza, Roger Nkambou, Leo Hartman, Taek-Sueng Jang
127 Adaptive Vision for Playing Table Soccer Thilo Weigel, Dapeng Zhang, Klaus Rechert, Bernhard Nebel
128 Hybrid NLG in a Generic Dialog System Martin Klarner, Bernd Ludwig
129 Decision-Theoretic Planning for Playing Table Soccer Moritz Tacke, Thilo Weigel, Bernhard Nebel