List of Workshops

  Workshop Title Organizers
W1 NeuroBotics G. Palm, S.Wermter
W2 Int. WS on Conflicts and Conflict Resolution in MAS (CCRMAS04) T. Eymann, G. Lindemann,
M. Rovatsos, I. Timm
W3 Application on Description Logics (ADL'04) S. Bechhofer, V. Haarsev,
C. Lutz, R. Moeller
W4 Teaching and Learning Systems: The Role of AI A. Harrer, A.Martens
W5 Soft Computing for Information Mining E. Hüllermeyer,
F. Klawonn, R. Kruse
W6 WS on Conditionals, Information and Inference (WCII'04)   G. Kern-Isberner
W7 Maschinelles Lernen und Interaktion im textbasierten IR S. Bötcher, H.Holzheuer,
Niggemann, Nürnbergern, B. Stein
W8 Planen und Konfigurieren (PUK'04) S. Edelkamp, L. Hotz, J. Köhler,
T. Krebs, J. Sauer, B. Stein,
W9 Methods and Technology for Empirical Evaluation
of Multiagent Systems and Multirobot Teams
B. Nebel, F. Stulp, H. Utz
W10 1st Int. WS on Applied Artificial Intelligence and Logistics
(Special Focus on Mobile Solutions)
B. Hellingrath, Kindsmüller,
I. Timm, H. Wache
W11 Modeling and Retrieval of Context T. Roth-Berghofer, S.Schulz
W12 Applied and Computational Category Theory (ACCAT) J. Pfalzgraf